My work is an exploration of something deep rooted within me.  It is a connection to my lineage, heritage and the harsh desert terrain on which I was raised.  It is not an intellectual pursuit but rather an instinctive process.  I create a visible history for each piece and through my efforts I am able to connect with and examine my own personal history  and spiritual present.  

I am motivated, inspired and driven most by the material that I work with.  All the wood and paint used in my work is essentially scrap wood and leftover paint from my many years of restoring and painting homes and furniture.  I use sheets of acrylic and latex enamel paintskins to create paint sculptures.  It is a technique that I have developed and been experimenting with for many years.  I also use plywood and stir sticks with paint and wood finishes to build  wood sculptures.  The titles are the names of actual paint colors found on  a  stick in each piece, or used in the making of the paintskins in the sculptures.  I am expressly interested in the potential that paint and wood have to offer as a medium in sculpture.